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Walk from China to Germany and from India to Japan. Meet all suppliers under one roof.

Make a year’s worth of business in 3 days.

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Sign deals. Grow your business.

Meet all suppliers. In one place.

Compare. Negotiate. Purchase.


Find products. Discover trends.

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See products, find solutions and get answers from suppliers.

TyreXpo focuses on all the verticals making it the ideal purchasing platform for tyre distributors, traders, fleet mangers and dealers from around the world.

All segments

  1. Tyre, Casings, Tubes
  2. Tyre Accessories
  3. Maintenance, Repairs, Operations
  4. Storage and Facilities
  5. Equipment, tools & materials
  6. Retreading & Repairs
  7. Disposal & recycling
  8. Storage & Warehousing
  9. Services

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